There is a large variety of paints that is top coatings and primer coatings to help propel a smart finish on industrial paint . On that line we have variety of paint ranging from decorative paint, floor paint, direct to metal, hardeners and additives, resistant to heat paints, in tumescent paints specifically for steel, coatings meant for maintenance, marine paints, metal cladding paints, finish coats for metals, powder coatings, undercoats and primers, paints for the roof, coatings to line tanks and lacquers.

  1. Paints for decoration
    Under this category, we have emulsion paints, silk emulsion, translucent wood stain, clear primer, masonry paint, the adhesion primer, damp wall paint, crackle paint, suede paint, Do It Yourself textured paint. DIY paint is creation of self texture especially on ceilings, and can be added a little bit of clean sand suede paint; the paint is applied overlapping and color variations look almost the same. Stone paint on the other hand are a bit rough to feel and they resemble granite and marble, can be combined with other faux finishes. Crackle paint gives an ancient and not stressed and requires only a prime coat and a final coat. Metallic paints normally have real flakes of metal even magnetic,very shiny and reflective, they may highlight flaws. Silk emulsion is a anti bacterial waterborne paint providing a subdued sheen level.

2. Direct to metal
Metal paints do not corrode, and may not necessarily need a primer. Under this category we have the water based primer, conceal touch up, a hard top, glossy metal paint, satin metal paint, eggshell satin, hammer finish, container paint/semi gloss, skip and container paint,high gloss paint, primer and topcoat. A water based primer provides a fine finish and may be used in various industries such as machinery,in farming,process of fabricating steel, Eggshell satin is majorly used on doors and metallic gates with a powder coating feel and look. The eggshell satin paint can also be made use of on skips, truck containers and digging buckets. Primer and finish coats are used ideally mostly on materials that are in surroundings that are a bit harsh or too strong such as in water, that is, aquatic, places experiencing a lot of jam on the road, high temperature areas, thus a stronger polish is necessary,the outer painting polish is very strong and does not bend or scratch.

3.Paints for the floor
Under this category, there is a line marker, a two wheeled line marker applicator, floor cleaner, paint mean for the floor, a fast dry element, a sealer, topcoat, stencil aerosol can, road marking paint. For Novi painters, the floor paint does a good job, they dry faster, come in low smell, and the floor after painted can be used even twelve hours later. Dusty concrete floors can be rectified with the sealer which normally acts as a dust particle binder. Thereafter, it can be left with the sealer paint or painted again with the paint meant for the floor for a more stronger finish. The fast dry is a stronger coat that can be mixed to a larger color options ideal for floor branding or having the paint color of your choice .

4.Hardeners and additives
Under this category, we have a hardener, primer hardener, extra fast hardener, acrylic hardener, polyester accelerator, polyester catalyst, water based hardener. This ones are used to add an extra strength to the paint coatings for commercial purposes once paint is disposed on the wall. It is activated by water, as it absorbs moisture very fast and its transformed to a hard substance with a rubber feel and the process is not reversible.

5.Roof paints
Under this category,there is a range of options such as black bitumen paint, acrylic finishes, silicone finishes, asphalt emulsion. Most of this offer loss of heat control, and guard your roofing from various aggressive environment such as unfriendly weather. Silicon guards against moisture especially in high humidity areas and and very high temperatures courtesy of strong sun rays thus requiring a reflective type of roof.  Acrylic are mostly water based and is very reflective. Bitumen coatings are either water based or solvents based and provides a protective strong coat. Asphalt coats go well with temperature stability and go well with bitumen coated roof

6.Heat resistant paints
This includes high temperature coating, aluminum coat, galvanizing paint . This are used to control fire flames and protect against heat/fire effects.T here are retardant paints fully meant to stop the movement of the flame which come in an aerosol can or a brush. They are used in the absence of graphite,oils and any grease trace.

7. Marine paints
Majority of his are used to prevent marine vessels and structures from corrosion, they include anti fouling, primers, final finishes, and plexiglass. All of this is used to protect against elements and maintain a great too.

8.Powder coatings
This include polyester powder primer. Industrial powder coating in a lot of color options. They have anti corrosive elements and perfect final finish and is ideal for industrial use. Powder coats are finishing processes that are dry based on curatives combined, they are mixed under heat exposure and ground into that final finish. They are applied using spraying with the aerosol cans.

9.Tank lining Coats
This include tank guards and tank guard storage. This are used to protect the tank from aggressive aquatic environment and ensuring the contents remain pure without corroded material. The tank coatings provide protection against corrosion on edges and welds and also ensures content of the tank remains pure as it came to the tank.

10. Clear coatings and lacquers
This may include clear lacquer which is in form of an an aerosol or paste. They are either matte, extra fast clear, and anti graffiti. This are used to provide a fine, shiny and smooth finish to the surface in question,its also acts as a protective coat to the paint beneath it It uses an advanced acrylic based formula in order to produce a strong protective finish on the painted surface.

11. Steel paints
This include solvent in tumescent coating and steel master. Steel coatings are normally used as a fire resistance guards for buildings as they inflate in very high temperatures and increasing in size keeping temperatures away from structure steel.

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